Cracking the Code: Demystifying Dark Patterns in 2023-2024!

In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian e-commerce and digital marketing, regulations become necessary for some industries. Guidelines for Prevention and Regulation of Dark Patterns, 2023. ‘ Let’s dive into this manual! 

As of November 30, 2023, the Government dropped the bomb – the Guidelines! Dark Patterns, those sly tactics that trick you into doing stuff you never intended, are now officially on the government’s radar. But, hey, Dark Patterns are not newcomers; Europe caught on to them back in 2022. Now, it’s India’s turn to shine! 

So, what’s in the Guidelines? Picture this: False Urgency, Basket Sneaking, Confirm Shaming, Forced Action, Subscription Trap – it’s like a guide to the sneakiest party crashers in the digital world! 

False Urgency is like telling you a product’s about to vanish to make you panic-buy. Basket Sneaking? Adding things to your cart without asking – talk about uninvited guests! Confirm Shaming is guilt-tripping you into buying. Forced Action is like forcing you to buy extra stuff, or worse, spill your personal info. And Subscription Trap? Good luck trying to cancel or find the exit! 

But wait, there’s more! Interface Interference, Bait and Switch, Drip Pricing, Disguised Advertisement – these are the ultimate party crashers you never saw coming. Picture a party where everything’s either invisible or a trick – not cool, right? 

Now, here’s the twist! The Guidelines came with a big ‘but.’ The consequences for breaking the rules? Not so clear. It’s like throwing a party without setting house rules. We’re all for guidelines, but what about enforcement? 

And hold up – online platforms are in the hot seat too! They might be held responsible for third-party tricks on their watch. Imagine blaming a DJ for a gatecrasher’s moves – not fair, right? Delhi High Court agrees! 

In conclusion, these Guidelines are like a superhero’s first step – a bit uncertain but definitely a move in the right direction. With users caught in the crossfire of online trickery, we say cheers to regulations! It’s time to party responsibly in the digital realm. 

Check the official government document for additional details. 

The guidelines for prevention and regulation of dark patterns 2023

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