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Thinkbar’s Founder & CTO, Hardik Shah Is Working Hard to Foster Deep, Trusting Relationships by Offering Robust Business Solutions: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2014 and based in Mumbai, India, Thinkbar is simplifying technology and crafting solutions. It comprises a team of passion-driven domain experts rendering spectrum-wide IT, design, and content services. It’s a hub of technical and textual Launch pads for all your ideas. A philosophy drives Thinkbar to make unique, reliable, easy access, and special applications.

Thinkbar is a thriving tech agency with a strong industrial experience of more than 10+ years and overall group participation of about 150+ years. We have a functional team of experts who are trained in designing and developing the best tech solutions. We create aesthetically innovative and high-quality websites for personal, corporate, and e-commerce.

The professionals have designed and developed innovative solutions for clients from different industries like Finance, Pharma, Solar, Infra, FMCG, E-commerce, fashion, Media & a few others. The design & development of the custom website focuses on achieving your unique objectives to maximize results. The web design is built considering the most modernized SEO-friendly techniques and high-level user experience, which gives customers’ business maximum results.

Thinkbar’s mission is to develop your ideas and provide elite services to improve excellence and customer loyalty. Our dedicated teams concentrate particularly on customers’ requirements for a good and long-term partnership. Our team works to produce sustainable growth for different methods to satisfy the expectations of customers.

Since its inception, Thinkbar’s vision has been to deliver high-quality products web solutions. The organization aims to be a worldwide leader in providing the latest and particular IT solutions for optimizing your firm and productivity.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Hardik Shah, the founder & CTO of Thinkbar, who shares that its goal is to actively update the most advanced market trends and technology in the IT industry. We work with creativity and then have faith to acquire a good relationship with our clients for a long time.

Starting with the interview, Hardik asserts that we attract and retain customers through classy interfaces and catchy content. Further, the CTO divulges that being a technology enthusiast, I had freelanced for a few years and always wanted to offer better technology solutions than what was being provided to clients by companies I worked for. This has been the starting point of Thinkbar’s journey.

Thinkbar was born in September 2014 as an impromptu decision (due to an unanticipated client on boarding and set terms of working). Interestingly, September 2014 also marks the birth of my little angel. 

Hardik quotes that “Keeping strong relationships with our key partners has been an essential element in our success.” Elaborating on services rendered by Thinkbar, Hardik asserts that we have delivered high-quality web solutions. The team helps customers improve conversions or a complex web application with their efforts. The team can produce solutions that function seamlessly on and across any device or software platform, using an agile development methodology to deliver HTML5 web solutions.

The professionals give a proven, highly adaptable engagement model that begins with a thorough evaluation of customers’ business and IT demands to guarantee that finally, the right HTML5 development solution will be given to them for acquiring both quickly and cost-effectively solutions meeting their goals and deadlines.

When asked about the business model, Hardik mentions that we at Thinkbar have a skilled team of in-house designers, developers, mobile app developers, project managers, SEO experts, Digital Marketers. As an augmentation to our in-house team, we also have a pool of skilled and varied freelancers / third-party vendors on boarded based on the task.

Moreover, professional web developers have also specialized in designing, developing, training, and administering customized WordPress services for numerous clients worldwide.

The developers have comprehensive experience in developing websites of high performance. The designers ensure that the websites are fully responsive to all devices and offer an improved web presence, enhancing user commitment. Thus, backed by highly qualified designers and developers, ensuring your website is robust and customers satisfied endows Thinkbar to burgeon as one of the best website development service providers in Mumbai at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms proves the quality of services provided by the developers at Thinkbar.

The professional developers strive to make the easiest & simplest platforms to launch your online stores with comprehensive ecommerce features. The team develops pixel-perfect Shopify stores from scratch, ranging from small business stores to any custom alliance. Whether custom Shopify development or theme development, the expert team provides a hassle-free and simplified freight experience for your shoppers.

The team is also well-experienced in developing modules and plugins required for global users to create user-friendly eCommerce applications. In addition to this, the developers utilize the complete caliber of our open-source platform and employ our experience to equip our consumers with intuitive, operative, and engaging websites.

Thus, creating websites that are ideally tailored to your business needs in the realm of eCommerce would soon endow Thinkbar to burgeon amongst the best ecommerce developers in India at GoodFirms.

In conclusion, Hardik mentions that we at Thinkbar feel that technology is not a choice but a necessity that should be a part of every company’s projection and growth journey.  We vault ourselves as your Technology Arm (or department) for your business. To add to that, Hardik also mentions that we are also a technology agnostic company. Hence, our services to our clients are not bound by any selective technology. Instead, we recommend to our clients what technology actually fits their needs and accordingly plan their development journey.

Talking about the company’s future in the upcoming years, Hardik says that my vision is to make design & technology a bare minimum necessity for every IT / IT-supported business. Keeping in line with the idea, I would look forward to increasing our in-house capabilities for each significant technology prevailing in the market, thus widening the scope of our offerings.

In addition to the above, I would like to achieve the above while maintaining a work-life balance for all our employees, our greatest strength.  By assuring its staff has the very best technology and tools at their disposal, Thinkbar offers the best services to its customers. Hardik says that the firm’s strategic partnerships are just as decisive, many of whom have increased right along with the company. “Together, we’ve progressed from strength to strength, and the quality of their services has evolved,” adds Hardik by ending the interview.

Thus, having read the erudition shared by Hardik, one can also go through the complete interview given by him to GoodFirms.

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